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Geplaatst op: 11-10-2017

We’re looking for foreign exchange students who will launch one or more of our Apps abroad (in their home country). Preferably exchange students from Belgium, Germany or the UK. We created fancy Apps using our consumer label Monli. Take a look at the Apps at

Author: Rob de Negro
Tags: apps, Android, iOS

What are you going to do?

Topicus Finance created Apps for our label Monli (a contraction of Money and Living). Our goal is to help people managing life-money situations. For instance: when you buy a house, there are a lot of things that need to be arranged. A mortgage, check the fundation of your home and pack your stuff etc. Our Apps help with these things by stepwise working through the to-do list.

Adapt our Apps to your home country. Think about the local situation and our earnings. Preferably you’re able to cover the entire process starting with thinking out the concept, UX test, development to launch the product. If you’re specialized in a part of this process you’re also invited to apply.
O, if possible: please bring a friend to work on the assignment together!

For this assignments we are looking for students in IT, Business Administration, Communication, Multimedia & Design.


Graduating at Topicus

From day one of your internship you will be in touch with other interns during lunch. All throughout the course of your internship you will have a work coach, a Topicus employee. You will be assigned a school coach as well, someone from your degree programme. 

To get you prepared for your final presentation, we will organize a student congress. Together with other interns, you will be trained to present your work in front of an audience.
But that is not all! Topicus will pay you € 500,- per month if you choose to do an internship at our company. You will have the same privileges as any other Topicus employee in order to attend the following events: TopiConf, the New Year's party, the monthly TopiBorrel, the soccer tournament, et cetera.   

Are you interested?

If you are interested in what we have to offer, please do not hesitate to come by for an interview. If you prefer you can send in your application online [link] or contact Monica Verkerk by phone at 0570-662662.

Bekijk video's

Vier Topicanen hebben een eigen interpretatie gegeven aan extreme programming.

Topicus neemt ieder jaar met 2 teams deel aan de Batavierenrace, de grootste studentenestafette van de wereld. 177 kilometer, 25 etappes, 8614 deelnemers, van Nijmegen naar Enschede. Bekijk hier hoe wij dit beleefd hebben.

Elk jaar eindigen we in stijl met ons eindejaarsfeest. Bekijk hier de aftermovie van dit supertoffe feest met als thema Foute Kerst .

Tijdens Topicus Hackathon (ook wel 'Doe Je Ding Dag' of ‘Horizon’ genoemd) gooien we echt alles even om en krijgt iedereen de kans om zijn of haar idee te pitchen en worden de beste ideeën direct uitgewerkt. Geen idee is hier te gek!

Wie is Topicus?

Topicus werkt in de sectoren Finance, Zorg, Overheid, Onderwijs en Legal. Wij zijn hier constant bezig om op alle vlakken voor verregaande verbeteringen te zorgen. De regie aan de burger geven en zelfredzaamheid vergroten, dat is onze ambitie. Dit doen we met toptalenten die met behulp van de nieuwste technologie briljante ICT oplossingen bedenken en bouwen.

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