Increasing customer loyalty

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Help us Net Promote everything!

Author: Yoni Meijberg
Tags: NPS, Net Promoter Score, customer loyalty 

What are you going to do?

Motivation & Objective is on a never-ending journey to make banking simple, social and awesome. One of the main ways to challenge ourselves to reach this goal, is to seek continuous feedback on our actions. And via the resulting improvement gain additional loyal customers, likely spending more, requiring less attention and drawing in additional clientele. Having learned the hard way ‘what gets measured gets done’ we are seeking to increase our use of modern improvement methodologies. In this case we are interested in measuring customer loyalty in all its facets. We are talking the valuation of our products, service contact experience, and even customer implementation-collaboration appreciation. To this end we want to weave insights from the Net Promoter Score system (Reichheld from Bain&Company, 2003) into our daily doings. Come help us make it so.

Integrate NPS methodology and tool(s) into Topicus Finance’ employees daily use.

Key results (in consultation, the ones below are examples)

  • NPS tooling actively in use in a current product
  • Real-time generated wallboard showing current & trend NPS scores on multiple aggregation levels (customer, product, employee,…)
  • Automatic (topicus employee) task generation for follow-up calls on high/low scoring customers
  • At least 75% of personnel has completed an introduction workshop on NPS
  • Product Owners are actively monitoring and acting on NPS scores for improvement guidance

Some of the challenges in this assignment

  • Measuring customer loyalty in a non-intrusive fashion (effectively gaining a high response-rate)
  • Deploying NPS tool(s) into several customer contact channels, amongst which Topicus’ products, e-mail contacts as well as service requests. Each requiring their own tailor-made setup
  • Deliver outcomes ready for use to Topicus’ employees for effective choice making, limiting required measurement/analysis efforts
  • And drop these on all levels, from frontline employees seeking direct feedback on their actions, up to management interest into benchmarking business lines customer loyalty performance
  • Creating follow-up opportunities directly out of the NPS tooling onto the next customer contact
    Including the methodological lessons learned since the origination of NPS in 2003

Graduating at Topicus

From day one of your internship you will be in touch with other interns during lunch. All throughout the course of your internship you will have a work coach, a Topicus employee. You will be assigned a school coach as well, someone from your degree programme. 

To get you prepared for your final presentation, we will organize a student congress. Together with other interns, you will be trained to present your work in front of an audience.
But that is not all! Topicus will pay you € 500,- per month if you choose to do an internship at our company. You will have the same privileges as any other Topicus employee in order to attend the following events: TopiConf, the New Year's party, the monthly TopiBorrel, the soccer tournament, et cetera.   

Are you interested?

If you are interested in what we have to offer, please do not hesitate to come by for an interview. If you prefer you can send in your application online or contact Monica Verkerk by phone at 0570-662662.

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Topicus neemt ieder jaar met 2 teams deel aan de Batavierenrace, de grootste studentenestafette van de wereld. 177 kilometer, 25 etappes, 8614 deelnemers, van Nijmegen naar Enschede. Bekijk hier hoe wij dit beleefd hebben.

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Wij zijn Topicus!

Wie is Topicus?

Topicus werkt in de sectoren Finance, Zorg, Overheid, Onderwijs en Legal. Wij zijn hier constant bezig om op alle vlakken voor verregaande verbeteringen te zorgen. De regie aan de burger geven en zelfredzaamheid vergroten, dat is onze ambitie. Dit doen we met toptalenten die met behulp van de nieuwste technologie briljante ICT oplossingen bedenken en bouwen.

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